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About us

Center da Sanadad Savognin SA is responsible for basic inpatient and outpatient medical care in the Surses tourist region.

Here you will find everything under one roof: the regional health centre includes an acute hospital, a 24-hour emergency service, a doctor's practice with a wide range of specialties, physiotherapy with a new fitness studio and an ambulance service.

In the nursing home we offer a warm home for 42 residents for a long-term or holiday stay.

Furthermore, we provide an additional 24 flats for the elderly in the area of "Living with Service" for independent living with service offers.

From small beginnings all things spring.

Savognin District Hospital and Nursing Home

In 1924, the Savognin hotelier Alfons Pianta set up a foundation in which he stipulated that his estate was to be used for the construction and operation of a hospital.

This led to the purchase of a property in 1930 after the death of Alfons Pianta (1926), which was converted into the first hospital in Savognin. From 1936 onwards, this hospital was run by the Dominican nuns from Ilanz. As a result of precarious space and working conditions, the first negotiations for a new building began in 1972. After many detours and with the approval of the Surses electorate, this could then be undertaken in 1981. On 28 August 1983, today's Center da Sanadad Savognin SA was opened with an adjoining nursing home.

On 12 February 2006, the population of Surses voted with a large majority (93.4%) in favour of the 8 million credit for the extension and reconstruction of the old people's home and hospital. On 12/13 September 2008, the 25th anniversary celebrations and the official opening of the extension and renovation of the Surses nursing home and district hospital took place.

Board of Directors

Peder Cathomen


Leo Thomann

Vice President

Jeanette Mösli


Fabio Berry


Giorgio Signorell


Members of the Directorate

Claudia Husmann


Sandra Luzio

PDL nursing home / ward manager 1st floor / deputy manager

Stefano Corra, MD

Chief Physician / Member of the Management

Department of General and Visceral Surgery and Medical Genetics

Dr Luwina Johanna Eichweber-Lammers

Chief Physician / Member of the Management

Department of general internal medicine