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Rescue service / Emergency

An emergency and the patient is NOT able to get to a doctor or hospital under their own power.

Rescue service 144

Where did it happen? Who is calling? What has happened? How many people are involved? Wait for queries, do not hang up directly!

An emergency, and the patient can get to a doctor or hospital under his or her own power.

Emergency +41 81 669 14 00

If you would like to make a regular appointment at the doctor's office, you can do so by calling +41 81 669 14 33.

Rescue service - Competent, fast & close to you

The newly merged Central Grisons Rescue Service provides competent medical care for acutely ill or injured persons around the clock. The latest findings in emergency and rescue medicine are incorporated into our daily work.

Decisive are the measures to secure vital functions, to prevent consequential damage, to control pain and to continue the measures during transport.

Curdin Camenisch

Head of rescue service

Dipl. Paramedic HF/EMBA

Gerson Conrad, MD

SGNOR Emergency doctor

New rescue vehicle

Last November, the rescue services of the Center da Sanadad Savognin and Thusis Hospital merged. This merger has created "rettung mittelbünden", which is responsible for providing services to the largest operational area in the canton of Graubünden and has a base in Savognin, Tiefencastel and Thusis.

In this context, the vehicle fleet is being renewed and today a new rescue vehicle was delivered. The new rescue vehicle, a Mercedes Sprinter, was designed to meet the needs of the rescue service in Central Grisons. The vehicle is spacious and offers enough room for the care of our patients.