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Laboratory and outpatient clinic

Both the laboratory and outpatient departments are supervised by the same experienced team of qualified medical practice assistants, a senior doctor and an assistant doctor from the hospital.

In our spacious, bright laboratory we have a range of analyses adapted to our hospital. For all other analyses, we work closely with an external laboratory. A high qualitative standard is important to us, which is guaranteed by internal quality control and periodic supervision by an external specialist in laboratory medicine.

Laboratory and outpatient clinic

Tanja Demarmels

Laboratory management

Hospital pharmacy

For our acute departments, nursing home, emergency, rescue, anaesthesia, laboratory, X-ray and the doctor's office, the rapid procurement of all medicines and material is essential.

A smooth process must be guaranteed at all times and immediate action must be taken in the event of supply bottlenecks. Temperature, expiry and narcotics controls are strictly adhered to.