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Operative spectrum

  • Minor surgery
    Excisions of skin tumours, subcutaneous processes, lymph nodes, etc., incisions of all kinds
    Modern wound treatment for chronic, complicated and poorly healing wounds
  • Visceral surgery
    Hernia operations, haemorrhoid operations, anal fistula repair
  • Orthopaedics / traumatology
    Fractures of the musculoskeletal system (except spinal, pelvic and femoral fractures),
    Knee joint surgery arthroscopic: meniscus suture, replacement surgery of the anterior cruciate ligament
  • Minor Urology
    Vasectomy, hydorcelenectomy and circumcisions
  • Vein surgery
    Varicose vein clarification and rehabilitation and ulcus cruris treatment
  • Small outpatient gynaecological procedures

Consultation hours by arrangement

Phone:  +41 81 669 14 33

Stefano Corra, MD

Chief Physician / Member of the Management

Department of General and Visceral Surgery and Medical Genetics

Malte Tryzna, MD

Consultant physician
(Thusis Hospital)

Department of Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery, General Surgery and Specialized Traumatology