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Training opportunities

The following professions are trained in our organisation.

Nursing professions

  • AGS (Health and Social Assistant)
  • FaGe (Health and Social Care Specialist EFZ)
  • HF (nursing specialist HF)

Medical practice / laboratory

  • MPA (Medical Practice Assistant EFZ)

Commercial professions

  • Merchant EFZ


Under the following link you will find our open apprenticeship positions:

Online application form

Our apprenticeship positions for the start of 2024 are already filled.

However, if you are interested in one of the professions listed above, you are welcome to contact us for a trial internship.


Here is a small overview of our house and our training offer in the field of nursing:

Training Officer

Ramona Stgier

Nursing specialist / person responsible for training nursing professions

Tanja Demarmels

Laboratory management

Sara Elmer

Employee Patient Administration / Training Officer KV