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CDS in-house newspaper

The second issue of the house newspaper - gasetta da tgesa - is published.

Printed copies can be picked up at the reception desk at Center da Sanadad Savognin. We hope you enjoy reading them!

National Future Day

As its name suggests, Future Day aims to shape the future. Girls and boys switch sides; as a result, they get to know gender-atypical fields of work and areas of life and gain experience for life. In this way, horizons open up. Girls and boys gain courage and self-confidence,...

Joint learning day for nursing professions

Teamwork - learning with and from each other

Our trainees/students in the nursing field from all levels (health and social assistants EBA, health professionals EFZ, nursing professionals HF) have completed a topic-specific learning day together.

Three collages were created from the day. But more importantly; there were many good conversations and...

Values in the course of time

Valurs: ier - oz - damaun

In this contribution from RTR, residents of our nursing home also share their experiences and thoughts on this topic.

Contribution and photos by Astrid Alexandre and Flavio Deflorin

Photo exhibition Gianes Netzer

From 20.08.2022 - 30.04.2023 beautiful nature photos and landscape photos by Gianes Netzer from Savognin are on display at Center da Sanadad. The photos can be purchased and are available in various sizes.



Farewell Jelena Tarakcija

After 11 years we had the pleasure to say goodbye to our nursing assistant and OP help Jelena Tarakcija.

With her open and cheerful manner, she has brought a smile to the faces of many patients.

We wish Jelena all the best for her next stage of life and...

Eleven service anniversaries at Center da Sanadad Savognin SA

At Center da Sanadad Savognin SA, the following employees celebrated their service anniversary in 2022:

5 years Battaglia Petra Gomer Elzbieta Hajdus Eugeniusz

10 years Demarmels Tanja Odermatt Romi

15 years Alves Evangelista Maria-Teresa Amendoeira Aguilar Sandra Ines Bald...


Olympics at the retirement home

On Monday afternoon, August 8, 2022, there was no timing, sweating or jumping.

NO, an Olympics for our residents was on the weekly program. In a relaxed atmosphere and without any time pressure, they were able to try out the following games:

People in photos...

Medical service at the Swiss Irontrail

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Center da Sanadad, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Zellweger, was responsible for the medical service at the Swiss Irontrail on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

The team from Center da Sanadad was supported by former employees, employees of the Rescue Central Grisons and locals. On eight...

Farewell Aileen Balestra

After an incredible 40 years, we had the pleasure of bidding farewell to our certified nurse Aileen Balestra. Aileen has been part of the Center da Sanadad team for more than a generation.

With her open and cheerful manner, she has contributed to the recovery of many patients and earlier...